Star Party Tips

Here are a few tips to help you have a safe and fun Star Party experience.

DO DRESS WARMLY! After dark, it gets cold outside. Even if the weather is mild during the day, as soon as the sun sets, it will get cold again. Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing, so that you will not get cold right away and you can enjoy your evening, looking at the stars.

DO PREPARE FOR BUGS during warm weather months! Insect repellant, long sleeves and long pants will help you stay comfortable throughout the evening.

DO PREPARE FOR DEW during warm weather months! Heavy shoes or boots will help you stay dry and comfortable throughout the evening.

DO NOT TOUCH ANY TELESCOPE UNTIL you have received instructions from the person operating it! The telescope is pointed to an object very far off in space. The slightest bump will change its position and the view will be lost.

DO NOT RUN in the field around the telescopes! This is for your own safety and the safety of the equipment.

ASTRONOMERS DO NOT USE WHITE LIGHTS! We use red lights, to maintain our night vision. If you feel a flashlight is really necessary, though, we will provide a temporary red cover for it.


Last Updated: 2/14/16